Baby Sport Diaper Cover Free Crochet Pattern

This is an easy pattern starting with the top band, continuing all of the way around to the opposite end by using simple hdc stitches. Then the border is worked in sc stitches, and finished off by sewing on 2 buttons. Make it all one color, or add a sporty stripe. For more details please

Crochet Mini Bead Flower String

These flowers are so simple to make yet the process is so mesmerizing! Five or six mini flowers joined could easily create large flower. To make this beautiful pattern you’ll need a ball of yarn, a crochet hook and beads. For more details please visit : Crochet Mini Bead Flower String.

How To Crochet Beanie Hat With 3d Leaves

Today we are going to crochet a textured hat with beautiful 3D leaf pop out, which is great for cold weather. To create this beanie hat, you can use any type of yarn. Make it a part of your gift for friends and family. Start to crochet today and get a big pleasure. For more

“Scarlet Sky” Baby Puff Stitch Hat

Free Crochet Photo Tutorial. If you take a more thin yarn – can be crochet in three thread and make the transition from color to color more smoothly by replacing in each row one thread to the next color. For more details please visit : ellej.

Easy Crochet Bow Pattern

Now you can make a crochet bow tie in just under an hour with this Sassy Crochet Bow Pattern! You can clip these crochet accessories patterns on to shoes and slide them on hair bands and clips. For more details please visit : mymerrymessylife.

Easy Crochet Bow Tutorial/pattern

This lovely crochet bows are the perfect gift for your family and your friends. The easy crochet pattern allows you to make them very quickly. You can use them as an accessory or add to your crochet hats, dresses or bags. For more details please visit : craftinessisnotoptional.

Crochet Bow and Ribbon Baby Hat

Make this cute and easy baby hat, perfect for a baby shower gift, or for your own little one. Adorn with a flower or bow for a perfect finishing touch. For more details please visit : classycrochet.

Crochet Puppy Hat Pattern

This is the most cutest crochet hat I have ever seen! Kids will go crazy over this Precious Puppy Dog Hat. Whether or not you own a dog, this free crochet hat pattern is definitely a must-do. For more details please visit : repeatcrafterme.

Crochet Mini Backpack Purse

This crochet mini backpack keychain is very cute and practical. You can use it to hook to keep track of your keys. You can hold other small items inside it too. For more details please visit : Crochet Mini Backpack Purse.

Chevron Crochet Pattern

Sometime you just wish to give accent side trimming or edging to your crochet patterns, this crochet chevron is really a great idea to do so! The pattern itself is not at all difficult, and teaches you to integrate three different colors of thread into the same project. For more details please visit : rescuedpawdesigns.